Surviving—and Thriving in—Your First Scrum Master Role

Elizabeth Lloyd shares her experience with her first Scrum project.

Problem Solving with A3 Thinking

The A3 process is a structured method that can be used for problem solving and also to develop the critical thinking skills of people.

Scrum in Practice

Some hints on things to try when your team is falling short of doing Scrum well.

Strategies for generating creative and innovative ideas in Scrum Teams

This article analyzes how to maximize team creativity and how we as ScrumMasters or Agile Coaches could cultivate the creative potential of our teams for innovation purposes.
Like anything, creativity and innovation can flourish when implemented with the right tools.
This article explores the conditions in the work environment that helps to encourage team creativity, such as diversity among team members.
In addition, it describes team methods for promoting creativity, including techniques such as brainstorming and lateral thinking.

Category: Commentaries

Written by: Francesco Attanasio

Tags: coaching

Improvise to Stay Agile

What do you do on a project where practical constraints impeded pure agile play – Dump agile and adopt waterfall or any other traditional approach, or improvise to save agile?

Metrics for a Scrum Team

Ten metrics to consider recording for your Scrum teams to analyze.

Backlog Refinement Meeting

Keeping the backlog fresh is a key aspect of Scrum. Here’s a way to accomplish that using a “backlog refinement meeting”.

Category: Common Practices

Written by: Aashish Vaidya & Dorothy Murray

Tags: planning

Five Levels of Agile Planning

In a larger organization, it can be valuable to consider planning at different levels, from vision and roadmap, down to the release, the sprint, and the day.

Large Scale Scrum - More with LeSS

Since 2005 we have worked with clients to apply the Scrum framework and scaling agile development to product groups involving from a few hundred to a few thousand people, in multiple sites. This is organized as Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) frameworks 1 and 2, summarized in this article, elaborated in our two-volume book series on very large-scale agile development, and the upcoming book Large-Scale Scrum.

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