Improvise to Stay Agile

What do you do on a project where practical constraints impeded pure agile play – Dump agile and adopt waterfall or any other traditional approach, or improvise to save agile?

Metrics for a Scrum Team

Ten metrics to consider recording for your Scrum teams to analyze.

Backlog Refinement Meeting

Keeping the backlog fresh is a key aspect of Scrum. Here’s a way to accomplish that using a “backlog refinement meeting”.

Category: Common Practices

Written by: Aashish Vaidya & Dorothy Murray

Tags: planning

Five Levels of Agile Planning

In a larger organization, it can be valuable to consider planning at different levels, from vision and roadmap, down to the release, the sprint, and the day.

Large Scale Scrum - More with LeSS

Since 2005 we have worked with clients to apply the Scrum framework and scaling agile development to product groups involving from a few hundred to a few thousand people, in multiple sites. This is organized as Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) frameworks 1 and 2, summarized in this article, elaborated in our two-volume book series on very large-scale agile development, and the upcoming book Large-Scale Scrum.

Adding Lean to the Scrum Framework

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework today. Implementing Scrum with a Lean mindset can make Scrum even more effective.

Optimizing Value Using Measurable Goals

Some ideas on measuring our progress and meeting our goals.

Abnormal Termination of a Sprint

Thoughts on when and how to terminate a Sprint.

Lean Coffee Continuous Retrospective Strategy

The Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less gathering that provides a framework for deep conversations and productive networking with colleagues. Participants collaborate to quickly identify their agenda.

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