Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

Category: Commentaries

Written by: Madabhavi Chandrashekhar

You are planning to move away from Waterfall and adapting Agile methodology in your organization. This article offers some steps you can take in the transitioning.

Welcome the Change

Whenever there is a change, people will be hesitant to adopt it. But Agile is a proven methodology with lots of benefits. You need to explain to your stakeholders to welcome the change and adopt it with full faith. Share some success stories to relieve them from the nervousness.

Transition needs Training

Your Agile transformation will benefit from training so that the participants can understand the Agile Manifesto, Agile principles and practices. There are many training institutions that can help us in adopting Agile. I also suggest that the team needs to study on their own by going through books, blogs and attending seminars on Agile.

Communication, Communication and Communication

Communication is very important for Agile and each and every member who is going to participate in Agile needs to improve this skill. Agile ceremonies like sprint planning, daily standup meetings, retrospective meetings etc. need better communication skills.  When every member can communicate easily and work as a team then Agile will be more successful. The communication skills needed include verbal, written, and the use of tools for presentation.

Forget old techniques and processes

This might be difficult but when we are adopting something new, we need to leave behind the old things. Some organizations will have old processes which either need to be changed or thrown out, such as code review processes, defect resolution etc.

Spend money on Automation

To move toward agility we need to adopt automation which will reduce the time to deliver your product. Invest in creating automated processes and automation tools, such as test automation, code deployment tools and processes.

Create anAgile Environment

Agile is quick and collaborative. To achieve success we need to create an environment where the team can collaborate with each other.  The best option is co-location. If you must, adopt distributed Agile methodology. [*] Empower the team to take decisions and move forward.

Enjoy the journey!

Enjoy the journey with the team and success will be yours. Celebrate small deliveries. Rotate team member and give occasional breaks to the team members so that they can gain some energy and come back.

[*] [Ed.Note] Warning: Distributed Agile, while it can be successful, is much more risky than co-location.