Core Translations

Translations of the core page are being undertaken by CSCs, CSTs, and other Scrum Community experts. This page lists existing translations, and honors the volunteers who are doing the work.

Now Available

Chinese - Daniel Teng, Bill Li, Jackson Zhang, Joseph Yao, Mike Li

Danish - Bent Myllerup, Kurt Nielsen

Dutch - Jef Cumps, Kris Philippaerts, Hubert Smits

German (Deutsch) - Sabine Canditt, Markus Gaertner, Andreas Schliep

Norwegian - Geir Amsjo

Persian - Taghi Javdani

Portuguese - Heitor Roriz Filho, Rafael Sabbagh, Marcos Garrido, Daniel Wandarti, Filipe Albero Pomar

Russian - Anna Dmitrieva, Sergey Dmitriev

Spanish - Xavier Quesada Allue, Martin Alaimo, Alan Cyment

Swedish - Arne Ahlander, Per Fagrell

Languages In Process

Thanks to our volunteers:

Finnish - Jukka Lindström

French - Haim Deutsch

Hebrew - Danny Kovatch, Haim Deutsch

Italian - Andrea Tomasini

Japanese - Emerson Mills(assist)

PL/1, Cobol - Chet Hendrickson, Heitor Roriz Filho, Hubert Smits[also FORTRAN if desired] (JCL - Michael Vizdos)

English - Iain McKenna (woot, or as they probably say, woout)